Posting on IndieGamerTeam – Please Check It Out!

I was asked by the amazing IndieGamerChick to post on legal issues for indie game developers (and the people who love and/or hate them) over at My first post, “Stupid Legal Tricks, Chapter 1,” is on trademarks and video games. Check it out here:

Stupid Legal Tricks, Chapter 1

The next post will be on design patents and video games. A theme may be developing.

I’ll be at MAGFest in February!

I’ll be giving a panel talk on “Third-Party Trademarks in Video Games.” In other words, if you want to put a Coca-Cola® sign on the street in your game world, can you? Should you? How should you do it if you want to, can, and should? I’ll be at the conference all weekend and am always glad to talk law, technology, pop culture, or the random topic of your choice.

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