New Rule on Foreign Applicants for US Trademark Registrations (Article)

I am quoted at length in this World Trademark News article on the new rule that foreign applicants for US trademark registrations must be represented by a US attorney starting on August 3. I’d go into more detail but the article hits all the important points, so please do check it out!

An Inexpensive Secure Device – the FreePi (Raspberry Pi FreedomBox)

Hello friends!

Sorry it’s been quiet on the ol’ blog, but if you follow me on Twitter, you’ll get plenty of commentary on the legal news of the day. (I’m @legalinspire on Twitter. See right column.)

Today, though, we’re going to take a little detour, though our destination is very relevant to intellectual property law, information security, and a few other topics near and dear to my heart. Specifically, we’re going to look at one of the purest Open Source devices available for non-I’ll-just-build-my-OWN-damn-OS programmer types: the FreedomBox. Even more specifically, I’m going to show you how to build the cheapest sort of FreedomBox you can build from scratch. (First there’s going to be some background, so if you just want to skip to the building part, click here. Warning: this is very long and there are a lot of pictures.)

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Who Owns What? Presentation on Copyright Ownership at MCSC!

I was invited by the McHenry County Software Craftsmanship group to speak about copyright ownership, since questions of authorship, work-for-hire, and related topics are of interest to many programmers. I spoke for 45 minutes, asked for questions… and spoke for another 45 minutes! They were very gracious hosts and the members had wonderful questions. Very much enjoyed it.

A link to the group – and the event – is here: .

The presentation materials, as promised, can be downloaded from this link on the off chance anybody wants them:

Likelihood of Link Confusion: Searching For And Linking to Trademark Registrations

Okay, so I saw this group linked to on Twitter:

And I have to say this is really an interesting idea. I’m going to go through some of the posts and see how things are going.

But speaking of posts, I noticed that a few people were doing something that happens ALL THE TIME when people try to discuss trademark registrations online: they were posting TESS links instead of TSDR links. As all trademark attorneys know, that doesn’t work.

*record scratch noise*

Say what?

Okay, here’s a quick how-to on posting links to trademark registrations from the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO, or sometimes just PTO, for short) website so they work for everybody.

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But What About The Memes??? (Interview on CheckpointXP Radio)

I love doing media interviews and it’s always a blast talking to the folks at CheckpointXP Radio. I was on the show yesterday (April 2, 2019 for those of you visiting FROM THE FUTURE!) to talk about The Article Formerly Known As Article 13, namely Article 17 of the Directive on Copyright in the Digital Single Market. And while of course everybody was up for a brief legal scholarship session, we did get to the most crucial question of our day:


If this issue concerns you – and I literally can’t imagine that it doesn’t – here’s a link!

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